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  • 1050 joules of AC surge suppression shields equipment from the strongest surges and line noise
  • 3 AC outlets with room for 1 transformer plug without blocking outlets
  • 2 USB Charging Ports with 2.1 amps total is great for fast charging of cell phones, MP3 player, tablets, laptops and more.
  • Portable housing with 18-in. concealable cord allow for ease of mobility and travel in briefcases
  • "Protected" Diagnostic LED confirms outlet surge suppression status
  • $25,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico only)
  • Automatic shutoff permanently cuts power to outlets if protection circuit is incapacitated, preventing equipment damage and indicating replacement is required

Protect It! 3-Outlet Travel-Size Surge Protector, 18-in. (45.72 cm) Cord